Producers and Directors

Jack Warner Writes to Warner Brothers President Mentioning the opening of

“East of Eden”

(James Dean’s First Movie)


1 page, 8 x 10, Warner Brothers letterhead, March 4th, 1955, ┬áto Mr. Wolfe Cohen (Then President of Warner Brothers), signed in dark ink “Jack” In part: “Will be in New York next week but will not be able to see you until Friday, the 11th, or Monday, the 14th, However, if you are at the opening of EAST of EDEN Wednesday night, I may see you there….”

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Jack Warner Tells Warner Brother’s President What Upcoming Movies Will Be in Warner Color and Cinemascope


1 page, Warner Brothers letterhead, December 16, 1955, ┬ásigned “Jack” to Wolfe Cohen (then President of Warner Brothers). In part:

“As I told you on the phone earlier this week that I would let you know about additional pictures in CinemaScope, this is to advise you that TOWARD THE UNKNOW and PAJAMA GAME will be; also, in WarnerColor.”

He also goes into information about STRANGE LADY, SINCERELY YOURS and the World Premiere of HELEN OF TROY.

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