6 Members of the TUSKEGEE AIRMEN sign

book about their experiences during World War 11

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496 page book called “Tuskegee Airmen/Men Who Changed A Nation” by Charles E. Francis Fourth Edition 1977. The book tells the story of the first group of African American pilots who fought in World War II. and made way for future soldiers like Admiral Samuel L. Gravely, Secretary of the Army – Clifford L. Alexander, Astronauts Bluford, McNair, Gregory and Bolden and General Colin L. Powell.

Signed on inside page by  6 of the Tuskegee Airmen, some have added their titles beneath their names. Also included is a receipt for this book signed by “Russell F. Desvignes” who was a graduate of the 1945 CLASS TE-45B

This is a powerful piece of African American History

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Incredible Album Leaf Signed by both

“Arthur MacArthur and Fredrick Funston”

MacArthur (Father of General Douglas MacArthur)

Funston played a key role in planning and executing the capture for Filipino President Emilio Aguinaldo on March 23, 1901. Funston was also considered a National Hero for his actions during the San Francisco Earthquake in 1906



Album leaf signed boldly in black ink “Arthur Mac Arthur/Major General U.S.A./Oct 9. 1901″ and beneath it “Fredrick Funston/Brig. Genl. U.S.A./June 17-1902”

Funston was authorized by MacArthur (then Brigadier General of the regular army – later to become military governor of the Philippines) to capture the then dictator and first president of the Philippines Emilio Aguianaldo*

Funston led a small group of soldiers disquised as rebels to the Philippines and succeeded in capturing him and later sending him into exile.

Later in his life Funston was in command of the Presidio of San Francisco, California when the 1906 earthquake hit. He is generally considered the hero who saved the city from total disaster by declaring martial law, overriding the mayor’s powers.


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President Abraham Lincoln’s Secretary of War Announces the Death of Assassin John Wilkes Booth (Incorrectly naming the wrong regiment of men as his killers.

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in full:

April 27~ 1865

By Telegraph from Washington D.C.

To Maj Gen Meade

and All Corps Commanders,


Booth was killed by Col. Bakers

men yesterday at Garret’s Farm

three (3) miles from Port Royal

on the Rapppahannock in the Effort

to arrest him.  His body is here.

Harrold (incorrectly written s/b Herold) his Companion

was taken.

(fr.) E M Stanton

Sec of War.

Hr. Apr 25 aC

April 25. 1865



D G Wheeler


**Stanton incorrectly named Col. Baker’s men for capturing and killing John Wilkes Booth however, it was Boston Corbett a member of the 16th New York Cavalry Regiment sent on April 24th to apprehend Booth that actually killed him.  Corbett disobeyed Stanton’s order to take Booth alive and claimed Booth drew a revolver. Subsequently Corbett was immediately arrested for violation of orders but Stanton later had the charges dropped.

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